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Obedience Training


6 weeks


Service Amount:



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Have a dog that doesn’t do what its supposed to? Are they having problems sitting, staying down, heeling or coming on command?  Our 6 week intensive classes show owners how to communicate and enforce the five basic commands.  Weekly handouts are provided to assist the owner with a home and out-and-about practice of class teachings.


Service included


  • Sit, stay, heel, and come

  • Teaching you how to control your dog

  • Problem solving sessions

  • Behavior training for good “doggie manners”


Problem solving sessions regarding common dog owner complaints such as excessive barking, mouthing/biting/nipping, pulling/lunging on leash, digging, chewing, herding behaviors, and incomplete potty training are offered during each class.

Next class begins January 21st. All attendants of the 6 week class must fill out paperwork and pay in full before attending. 


Class are held at the Chowhound off 31 at the following address:

628 N. Beacon Blvd.

Grand Haven, MI 49417

Phone: (616) 935-1285


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